1 - quiet ant's peak

seven workers on their way back to the hill
before sundown
no forlorn syllable spoken until
they have dinner underground
so you never hear a sound

I go into the garden to the colony
they supply all the pictures that are busy in my reverie
with a trail to here and a trail to there
quiet ant's peak is a leak to the unaware
my starter for another tour

hoping not to scare you by speaking out loud
it's just the way I am
and seeing what is your principle avowed
makes communication flow
reservations overgrow

lead me to the lady blue
I'll follow

I go into the garden...


2 - Jack and Trunk

Jack is a clear fellow and insecure
fell from above in yearly mature

I just like him best cause it's so easy
in a minute I can count his fingers

trunk is a grandpa, all steady and wide
inside's of iron, 's long as I've known, outside's of  pride

grow out of sight
you are a wooden but willing soul
despite the love to watch the ground
and one day you will be like (Trunk)

(Trunk) has a duty, a piece of blue sky
if clouds they don't chase it he holds it high

try to count his fingers in the morning
you will still be counting in the evening

Jack likes the small talk and daily care
to me he is special and really cute, not to compare



3 - hemisphere

on the ground a soft hemisphere
colour of the leaves, what is in here
do you hide away any golden treasure
or is it something that will come to life
at this time of year
every bee should fly out of its hive

so I wait
showing no curiosity
until it's happening

you will never reveal
just as long as I stare
and your clever green seal
faces eyes open wide
you might even declare
' I've got nothing to hide '

yes, a head that's buried in earth
or an underworld creature's slow birth
little princess told me that maybe it's a spaceship
and inside there's a tiny wiz
one thing is for sure
I don't know exactly what it is

I can wait
then again such a lovely day
is not for waiting


4 - lady blue

lady blue, askew and shady
bends her head in awe of pain
standing still, she will be mending
in another year's refrain
yet I try to conquer nature
occupy the ways of fate

she used to praise the sun quite open-hearted
with upright gestures she'd absorb the rays
she wore the dress that's mirroring the skie's blue
and never seemed to doubt in her belief

summer is demanding, just shortly disappears
she feels good when her eyes are filled with tears

lady blue...

she's more and more withdrawn and disappointed
and thinks about reality a lot
for once you grow accustomed to the sunlight
your fading is dependence without grace

deep down there is something that takes away her fears
she feels good when her eyes are filled with tears

lady blue...


5 - filled with tomorrow

your winter is white
it covers with hope
all that you are
so all of your springtime
is painting a constantly warm embrace

December is cold
a new year in ice
and what you are
is kept in the evening
where January' s tired and I close my eyes

time is not right for thoughtful destruction
yet I can't help
there's an image before me
a girl who is happy
building a snowman (with a smile)

when lonely I was
in shadows of mine
I knew someday
I'd go out to hold you
even all through the summer wind

time is not right...

what's the use of a mind that goes astray
hemisphere falls into a lack of interest
see my friends, they all try to cheer me up
but today is filled with tomorrow

time is not right...


6 - dance around the garden

every morning I first go out into the garden
let it tickle my two feet
move in funny melted circles
guess they've watched me and they've wanted to compete

now a dance around the garden
from the family of multicoloured wings
is a warm and windy welcome
saying join us, leave for good the no-good-things

believe me
this is truly magical
though it looks to be
not so mono-logical
as it is to me

they might have thought that I was lonely
peeking out of little secretive cocoons
spread your arms to their example
and unfold yourself till nothing is too soon

now the dance around the garden
is a pretty sight of everybody here
all surprised at my behaviour
they are joining me, the crazy volunteer


7 - a little princess

your seed's been carried by a chance
that oversaw my mothers' fence
and was the journey long
there's something even longer
a little princess who pretends to understand

maybe the wind was blowing wrong
I hope that now she's growing strong
she seems to be alone
but wasn't born a loner
a little princess dressed in colours never seen
beside the whispering fellows made of green

when feeling pity I make plans
to show you round in my own hands
but then I wouldn't bet
that she'll be doing better
a little princess has to stay where she belongs

may I please introduce you to some of my friends

after a time there was a change
you and your aura rearranged
the everlasting love
in the shape of a buzzing lover
a little princess who has finally come home

do you believe in the wonders of a seed
like Jack and Trunk they grow about and make your day complete


8 - mono-logical

when I go out the scene inside
are only made of chaos-like
like the logic of my name
my name is Laura

reality is just about
the way we do, is losing some
like the logic of the wind
the wind is blowing

the garden is a book of
can rearrange the pool of my
like the logic of a word
a word is saying

and what you see, the sense is not
, an ego game in all that it
like the logic of my home
this is my home


9 - Mr. Jump

Mr. Jump is here on a cloudy day
you can talk in words and Mr. Jump hops away
better spend the hours waiting
if there’s something he wants
you will get response

doesn’t mind the rain on his crazy walks
he is taking twenty steps at once then he talks
always seems to be confused and repeating himself

are you really green
or do you paint yourself with grass
and when the night-time comes
do you wash it down
Mr. Jump is king of the fish and pond
he can swim in water, he can move beyond
likes to make a speech about the nature of monotony

where’s your family
I have seen hundreds of you grow
few are born a king

once I heard you talking to my friend the moon
but I tell you again that he can’t speak
only if you do what people do when they have a bed like mine

Mr. Jump is nice but he’s eating flies
all because he’s jealous of them reaching hights
ain’t no way, three disciplines will never be your own

where's your family
I have seen hundreds of you grow
few are born a king
tell me are you really green
or are you a freak
of natural sentiments
and when the night-time comes
it'll likely find you grey

"I don’t intend to wait a gust of wind longer."
"Mr. Jump, I want to ask you ..."
"Can you tell me ..."
"Please Mr. Jump.....Mr. Jump................Mr. Jump......"


10 - why moon

why do all the flowers make up their bed
with your appearance
fading to grey
folding their magic face

still on the inside, I have to leave
lost for a moment
you took the day
why, moon, is it that way

strong, leading, silent
so is the sun
till it goes down to rest
softly taking
you tell the tale of the day
in dreams of the night

why does your companion cover in black
changing perception
hope is to say
here is a place like home

then you are guiding me with your light
you are a last friend
I want to stay
why, moon, is it that way